Men and Intimacy: 5 Myths About Men

Most people would agree with the statement that balancing and maintain a marriage is the hardest task that they have ever had to face. You have to be responsible, adult and mature to handle a marriage properly and since most people cannot achieve all the mentioned qualities, they have to accept failure and end up getting divorced.

While it is generally thought that commitment issues lead to failure of marriage, it is also a fact that most of the couples break up due to loss of intimacy in marriage. There are certain problems that lead to couples growing apart and destroy the intimacy between them. As a result they soon are broken up without any of them knowing what went wrong.

It is true that in a break up you cannot pin the entire fault on one person as both contribute slowly over time to the problems and issues that get so huge that they become irreparable and eventually lead to a divorce. However, whenever people suffer from loss of couple intimacy, most of the times it is because women feel that men are prone to certain behaviours which are unacceptable in married life.

The fact is that most of them are not true and here are the 5 most common myths about men which lead to misunderstandings:

1.     It is a common myth that men do not have sentiments and they do not get emotionally attached to their wives or girl friends. Women tend to peg all men as unemotional and rational destroying the couple intimacy. This is a myth as men do feel the emotional connection and are capable of loving as much as women.

2.     Men are also charged as guilty for not caring about the feelings and emotions of their wives. This might be because they forget birthdays and anniversaries but the fact remains that the husbands do care about the feelings but are not as expressive as women. This myth affects intimacy in marriage to a great extent.

3.     Men are also considered as sexual animals since women often claim that they do not connect on emotional levels and want a sexual relationship only. Nothing destroys the intimacy in marriage more than this myth as the women deny having physical contact in these scenarios.

4.     Another common myth is that men prefer submissive women so that they are obedient and not prone to arguing with men. However the fact is that men like to have intimate relationships with intelligent women who can prove to be worthy partners and make the time spent together enjoyable. Spending time together has a very positive effect on couple intimacy and improves the relationship.

5.     The most common myth is that men do not enjoy the company of women as much as they do that of the men. Women think that men ignore them and prefer hanging out with male friends as they enjoy the company much more to spending an intimate hour with the wife. This is not true as men like spending time with their partners but women often tend to get easily jealous if they have to split the man they love with anyone else.

Where there is a lack of romance, sex, and intimacy, there is a marriage in trouble

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