Top 5 Must Know Secrets To a Successful Relationship

Secrets To Making a Successful Relationship

Welcome reader,

It’s a pleasure to have you here and I realize you’re looking for information on how to make a relationship last or how to make a relationship successful. I will do my best to put my advice in line so you can understand and leave here, apply it to your relationship and finally find the success you crave. What you must realize is the Top 5 Secrets to Making a Relationship Work. Those specific key secrets are so important and when you’re done reading, you’ll be left without any doubt.

How To Make a Relationship Work?

The Top 5 Secrets to Making a Relationship Successful starts out with YOU, as a person. What? Yes, it starts out with your own understanding of a relationship.

What do you expect out of the relationship?

What foundation is best to begin a relationship?

How do you start?

And believe it or not, if your foundation isn’t solid, then your entire relationship will suffer.

Secret #1 – Be Friends

Secret #1) This particular secret shouldn’t be a secret and should be part of mainstream thinking because, if it’s not then your relationship is doomed to fail until you realize the truth of it. Now, to make it very simple for you to understand, the best and most solid foundation for any relationship is to be friends. Yes, I said friends.

If the person you plan on pursuing isn’t first and foremost a friend, then I suggest you become friends. You must get to know each other before any further steps can be taken and this includes dating. After a number dates, it would automatically be assumed by both parties, a relationship is occurring. At which time, other things are expected and if you do not know the person it isn’t going to work out. Getting to know them, their likes and dislikes, habits(good and bad), then you’re most likely to make more mistakes than you could care to count.

Secret #2 – Communication

Secret #2) Again, this particular secret shouldn’t be a secret either and to some it is more obvious than it is to some others. Then again, there are always things which are obvious to one person, but are not always obvious to others, which is why communication is extremely important to making a relationship work or last.

The most successful and long lasting relationships occur because both parties of the friendship and relationship have no trouble talking(communicating) with one another. Again, this might be obvious to you, but it might not be obvious to your partner. It isn’t only important to communicate, but it just as important to listen. A good listener will listen to their partner, regardless of what it is that they have to say and doing so shows compassion to your partner. It shows them you’re interested in hearing what they think or feel. They will find it a very attractive trait and love you more for it.

I will use a no longer living example, as an example. Yes, I’m sure that didn’t make sense, but once I explain it will. My grandmother was married three times, however, her most successful relationship was with a person whom she never married. He was her best friend in the world and together they loved deeply because they always kept open the lines of communication. They lived together for 28 years as boyfriend/girlfriend, until she was hospitalized with dementia which occurred after a battle with colon cancer which forced her to have surgery. They are both no longer living. He died shortly after she was placed in the hospice and she died 11 months later.

Source: Raymond Choiniere

Secret #3 – Trust

Secret #3) This particular secret is the hardest of them all. Why? Because, friends trust each other and a friendship is ruined when one person cannot trust the other and the same applies to any relationship. Betrayal or dishonesty, such as lies or cheating are the cause for most failed relationships. If you’re not going to be honest with yourself about understanding this point, then you’re not likely to be honest with your partner and then there will be no trust. Without trust, then there will not be love to build.

Approximately 50% of all friendships, as well as, relationships falter because of trust issues. When you have trust issues, then you’re going to demand things from your partner and when you start demanding anything from your partner, you’re hurting your friendship and relationship. Which leads to your friendship and relationship to be on a downward spiral.

Secret #4 – Self Confidence and Self Esteem

Secret #4) Self Confidence and Self Esteem might seem like they are the same things, but they are not. You need self esteem to gain self confidence and without either, then you’re not likely to maintain any sort of solid friendship or relationship. No wants someone who is high maintenance and needs to be taken care of every minute of the day.

High self esteem oozes attractiveness. Some men and women love to see the other with a good self esteem level because it shows them that you are in control of yourself, path forward in life and that they can be a part of that life. Again, don’t confuse self esteem and self confidence. Self esteem comes from understanding what you want for a future, why you want it and how to get it. Self confidence comes from understanding your own capabilities and limitations. See the difference?

Secret #5 – Self Control

Secret #5) This secrets should be a no-brainer. Self control is extremely important and if you’re not going to keep your emotions in check, then you’re likely to fly off the handle and let your temper flare up more often than not. Doing this is going to put stress and strain on your friendship/relationship.

When anger hits home, then there’s a high probability that you will do something which you will most likely regret doing later. A lack of self control can lead to verbal and/or physical abuse of your partner. No one, man or woman, want to be on the end of either. It can be difficult to control yourself when you’re extremely upset.

If you’re having an argument with your partner, then separate yourself from them, even if it’s only for 5 or 10 minutes. Let them know that you’re too angry to discuss it right then and there. This doesn’t mean storm out of the house because, that will only make matters worse. You must remain, but leave the room and if necessary step outside without leaving the grounds of the home. When you have cooled off, then be willing to admit you were wrong to lose your temper. It doesn’t matter what happened.


As you can see, this particular article is about YOU the individual person who wants or is in a relationship. I didn’t cut any corners in giving the best foundation for making a relationship successful. It is important for you to realize the reason for mentioning the above. The reason I mentioned these particular things is because, love starts with you and how honest you are with yourself. You must understand yourself because if you don’t then you will convey mixed results in your interactions with others. People will see it including your partner and that will cause conflict. Yes, you have faults and so does your partner. You both must truly understand that about each other and if neither of you are consciously active in self improving everything about yourself. Well, let’s just say that you won’t find any relationship successful. You’ll even have trouble finding friends at all.

You can also see, I didn’t include love as a secret to making a relationship successful. I didn’t include because love blossoms from the entire combination of all the above with regards to a relationship. Love for each will continue to grow because you have all of the above traits in sync and it will be recognized by the other. How you handle yourself in each situation or circumstance that arises because you’re together will either strengthen or weaken your relationship. It’s your individual choice, which will make the difference. You should always be consciously aware of your surroundings and this includes those who are around you. Doing so only improves your life anyways.

Whatever you do, do not resort to violence ever. Do not use other things to take your mind off of a bad situation at home, like alcohol or drugs. These things will only make a bad situation worse. If money is a problem, then work through it together. If gambling is a problem, admit your problem and get help, but do not cut out your partner.

You can draw strength from them due to fact that they love you and will be willing to do whatever is necessary to help you get through it. It makes no difference what problems you have, if you are not willing to put your best foot forward, then you are being dishonest with yourself about fixing whatever problem that exists. It takes two to make a relationship successful. No one can do it alone and no one should have to try.