Seeking a Bi-Curious Female: A First Time Girl-On-Girl Story

Even though I knew Marley was as nervous as I was, I was still hoping that I could get my hands to stop shaking before I arrived at the motel. We’d both agreed from the start that aside from a couple of short phone conversations to get the basics out of the way, that overthinking things and messaging back and forth before finally meeting in person was the last thing either of us wanted. We knew from those short talks and our profiles that we wanted the same thing: To meet another bi-curious female in her twenties for some no-strings sexy play and experimentation.

I tried to talk myself down in my head as I pulled into the parking lot. We want the same thing, neither or us is expecting perfection, and we both have admittedly imperfect bodies that are a little chubbier than average with the same large and kind of saggy breast size. Neither of us has ever been with another woman, but we’re both really excited to explore each other’s bodies. There’s nothing to be so nervous about.

I tugged down on my fitted grey dress to cover more of my thighs and adjusted the deep-V neckline to show off my cleavage. One final flip of my freshly straightened blond hair and I knocked on the door and starting gigging uncontrollably as a tall and full-figured brown-skinned girl with an equally nervous laugh yanked the door open.

“You’re Marley, right?” I joked, clearly recognizing her long black wavy hair and big smile from her profile picture.

“Yes. And I assume you’re Lana?” she chuckled her words while fidgeting with the bottom of her white top that had come un-tucked from her very tight and short black skirt.

As promised, she had the bottle of wine open and ready and we took to it immediately. Sitting next to each other on the edge of the bed, the sexual and nervous energy was obvious. We decided to go ahead as planned and jump right in. Almost in unison, we washed down a huge gulp of the wine and turned to face each other. I put my hand on her thick thigh and rubbed hard, leaning in for a kiss at the same time. Her lips were full and I could taste her cherry lip gloss as my tongue darted its way in and out of her wet mouth, my hand sliding its way up and under her dress. Her thick thighs spread apart making way for my hand and the harder I rubbed my hand against her damp panties, the harder the gyrated.

When her lips started to lick their way down my neck and over my chest, I used my free hand to pull my neckline and bra down and pushed my breast against her lips, offering up my hard nipple to her tongue. My cunt throbbed with crazy excitement as I watched her take a good chunk of my breast into her mouth, muffling her horny moans. Her heavy breathing and juicy panties made it clear that she was as ready as I was to explore more of each other. I stood up and without hesitation slipped out of my stretchy dress and pulled off my bra and just as I slipped off my panties she stood up and undressed too.

We stood there face to face for a second taking in each other’s curvy bodies. She was much taller than I was, leaving her big and bouncy breasts at face level. I took each one in my hands and began licking them as I pressed my body as close to hers as I could. She pulled me down onto the bed, leaning over me, her hands finally making their way down to my wet and waiting pussy. Her fingers slipped through the wetness, first teasing my hard clit and then slipping in and out of my hungry hole. It was heaven!

“Can I go down on you?” she asked shyly. I just nodded and spread my legs, desperate to feel her mouth on my cunt.

I could feel her hot breath on my pussy as her fingers gently pulled my lips apart. She pressed the tip of her tongue to my clit and began licking it. At first her movements were slow and cautious, but within a few delicious seconds her tongue started moving faster until she finally found her rhythm. She finger-fucked me as she ate me out with more skill than even any of the experienced men who I’d been with. It only took a few fast licks and thrusts of her finger before my insides started shaking. I came hard and fast and she sucked at my very wet cunt as if wanting to take in every bit of my ecstasy possible.

I wasted no time taking my turn to give her the same pleasure and finally taste a pussy. She laid on her back and I spread her legs far apart as I buried my lips into her full bush. My fingers made their way through the wet curls and found her slit. She quivered as my tongue moved against her to find her clit. The mix of her perfume and her natural musky scent was intoxicating and just feeling how wet she was for me turned me on like nothing else. I mimicked the same movement and rhythm that she had used to make me cum and pushed two fingers in and out of her slippery hole in perfect sync until her knees started to quiver and moans got louder. It only took a few seconds before I felt the flood of her juices against my mouth. Returning the favor, I sucked away at her pussy, taking in every last delicious drop until the waves of pleasure from her orgasm finally slowed and stopped.

We laid there for a bit, drinking more wine and giggling in the afterglow of living out our fantasy and finally having fulfilled our curiosity.