10 Tricks Men Use When Cheating

Tricks Men Use

Tricks Men Use:

1. Changing other women’s telephone numbers into mathematical problems. ex. Katie 555-555-555 is turned to 555+555=555 (KT) co.

2. Change women’s name in cell phone to men names. ex. Nicole is Nicolus F. (F for female)

3. Give women an alias, so when they call and you happen to answer the phone they would ask for the alias and you will think it was the wrong number…so always ask for description of person the caller is wanting to speak with.

4. Women’s numbers written on a piece of paper stuck in his shoes…naturally a good place to hide something, who is really thinking of searching someone’s shoe…think about that ladies

5. Car seat may be either laid back or sat up mysteriously…always position the seat a certain way, so you can see if it changes when your in the car the next time.

6. Texting has got to be the easiest way to communicate with that other woman, so if he is texting adnormally you may want to check that.

7. If his cell phone is set to “Silence” every night, it may not that he cheating, but keep your eyes open

8. If his routine schedule changes all of a sudden. ex. hanging with friends that he hasn’t talked about in awhile or he wouldn’t normally be with…that is another red light

9. If he dresses very nice at the oddest times to do the simpliest things. ex. go to supermarket

10. And of course….financial issues; if he is always broke…that other women is draining his pockets.