How To Know When A Nice Girl Is Attracted To You

The Signs…

As a young female, I’m pretty much an expert on this. But we’ve all been there; liking someone and not being quite sure if the feeling is mutual. And men are usually as much as a mystery to us as we are to you. But luckily, there are some signs that you can look out for, that your lady friend with display consciously and sub-consciously to let on that she either finds you attractive, or wants a relationship with you, or (preferably) both! However, remember that every girl is different and if she display these signs to every male she meets, she’s just of a flirty disposition, so don’t make any rash judgments.

1) The Friends. A girl’s friends will most probably know every detail of her feelings and love life. Hence, if they seem to leave you two alone together purposefully and then watch you, you know that she likes you enough to have told her friends all about it.

2) Special treatment? Some girls are intentionally cruel to their love-interest, but some are overly kind and doting – everything is relative. Look at the way she treats other males, are you singled out in anyway?

3) The Face. Eyes are the gateway to the soul, and, apparently, the bedroom. Some women will look at their love interest until they make eye contact, look away and then repeat the process. Others will hold them in a ‘eye lock’, holding their attention longer than usual. Pupil enlargement is also a sign of attraction, but this may be difficult to gauge! Women also tend to subconsciously lick and bite their lips or pout when in the presence of someone they find attractive, to bring their attention to their feminine feature: large lips. Other more obvious features may be that she blushes around you or smiles profusely.

4) Posture. Look out for here crossing and uncrossing her legs, sitting with her body open and not under her arms, her chest pointing towards you and so on, Females will often behave in a more ‘feminine’ manner when with someone she likes, and so will try and make her body look smaller and leaning towards you. Spatially, she will also move closer towards you – look out to see how close she puts her glass to yours!

5) Vulnerabilities. Animal instincts mean that women automatically show their vulnerabilities to a potential mate, so watch out for her exposing her neck with a hair-flick or tilt, or pointing her wrists your way. Also, see if she brings up sex and relationships first. To make you think or her in a more sexual or romantic light, sometimes they will bring these things up, for instance, saying who their ex is, how much they want to get laid or how some guy across the bar is sexy.

6) Any excuse. Does she ask you for the time, ask you lots of questions about yourself or touch you for no real reason? Girls who like you will find a reason to be near you and sometimes these reasons are a little translucent. Maybe she laughs at your jokes when really their rather unimpressive.

7) Do you get on?! Finally and most importantly, do you click emotionally, do you have the same humor or interests? Although sexual desire is important, people often override physical attraction if they feel a connection with that person. So don’t spend all of your time looking for pupil dilation instead of listening to what she’s saying.

So that’s some things you can look out for, but mostly, just go by your gut. Most of these things you will have picked up without even realising. If you feel she likes you, she probably does, if not then bad luck. Unless you’re wildly optimistic or pessimistic, then maybe look out for the signs!

Good luck in the baffling and terrifying world of romance.