How to get your wife to desire and want sex with you

Lusty Wife

What typical man would not want his wife to desire and lust after him regularly?

After a long days work he comes home to find his wife waiting in the bed room for him with passion in her eyes and ready to pounce on him with delight. Does this sound like you wife in your marriage? The answer is probably no, but could it be your wife one day; the answer is anything is possible.

The pleasure of pleasing

In one of my articles on marriage a man wrote the most touching comment about his wife:

In responses to my article “When a man will never experience the joy of sexually pleasing his wife”

He says,

This is a great article. Yes it’s really a good feeling when a man can give pleasure to the women he loves. For me it’s quite a while back, but hearing a women making sounds of pleasure while making love, brings tears to my eyes. It’s so romantic! People should be so much more opened and relaxed while making love!”

What man wouldn’t run to alter right now for the opportunity to have a sex life with his wife that he gains so much pleasure from pleasing her that it brings tears to his eyes? This is what love making in a marriage is all about. Pleasing each other!

She desires you

The first notation a man can throw out the door is getting his wife to do anything, this is one of the hardest but most basic principles of true love making with your spouse, and that is her giving herself to you because she wants and desires you, not because you want to get some from your wife.

When a man can begin to understand this notion he is then allowing his wife to come to him. By taking the pressure off of the sex and working on the communication between himself and his wife, he can start to understand what makes her tick.

Men remember this is not about the act of sex; this is about the pure pleasure that a man can experience when his wife desires him, and there is a big differenceQuantity of sex is not the same as quality of sex.

Women respond to communication. Instead of having sex, start talking about sex openly with your wife! There are not enough couples really expressing to one another what turns them on in the bedroom and what turns them off. This notion of having sex but not really understanding what it takes to bring your spouse pleasure it ridiculousA man and a woman need to openly communicate what they want, what they desire and how their partner can turn them on.

The is the start to your wife wanting to desire you. Many men are surprised by what their wife actually fantasies about, they don’t ask and their wives are too embarrassed to tell their husbands.


In one of my counseling sessions with a husband and wife, the man finally got up the nerve to ask his wife what her fantasy was and she was feeling safe enough to tell him. All along in their marriage she had quietly been fantasizing about wanting to take control of her husband and pushing him down on the bed and takeing over, but her never knew and she was too embarrassed to tell him. He loved the idea and this was the beginning for them to bring more of each other’s fantasies into the bedroom.

So tonight when you and your spouse are lying in bed together lean over and ask your wife what turns her on, what is her fantasy, or if that is to uncomfortable then start slowly by giving her a massage and asking her then what she likes .