Top 5 Types Of Guys College Girls Should Have Sex With

Life is all about having a good time and simply enjoying it. There is nothing wrong with a woman sexually experimenting with multiple guys during her college years. This is absolutely the perfect time for her to explore her body and see what she likes. This is also a great opportunity to try out different guys to see who will give you the best sex. There are tons of different guys you are going to meet during your college years, but there are a few that you really need to add to your list.

Take a look at the Top 5 Types Of Guys College Girls Should Have Sex With:

1. The New Foreign Guy: When will you ever get the opportunity to have intercourse with a guy who technically lives overseas in another country? This is probably the only time you will get to have sex with a foreign exchange student. You never know, but you might experience an intense erotic sex with a heavily accented good looking fellow.

2. The Housemate/Floormate: This is a guy that lives in the same college home or floor as you. The wisest time to have intercourse with this guy is probably during your last month of your college years. The reason for doing it during this time is because you don’t want to have any awkward moments of passing this guy by in the house or hallway and have to stare the other way.

3. The High Schooler Guy: This is the guy that you had known from high school, but never spoke to or got to know during your high school days. Sometimes it’s easier to have sex with someone that is familiar to you.

4. The Popular/Cool Guy: This is the type of guy that you have to have sex with while in college, because when you look back on your sex life years down the road you would want to remember that one amazingly hot guy you slept with in your younger years. Show him how awesome you are in bed and he will definitely remember you too.

5. The Nerdy Guy: This is the type of guy that you would want to do it with, because he totally becoming a man and is willing to come out of his books and the person who once was in high school. He is ready to spread his wings and allow a woman to show him how things are done. If you are his first you would become the woman who showed him all of those great moves. He will never forget you nor your lessons.

These are just some of the types of men that you will experience during your college years, but of course if you meet other guys such as the jock, the shy one or the bad boy; then do what you have to do and get down and dirty with them.