[HOT] How to Meet Girls in the Library

Men do complain that they find it difficult to meet women. Clubs are noisy and competitive with many men competing for the attention of the same women. But the library is one place where you will find many women spending a lot of time and very few men hitting on them! So why not try meeting girls at the library? If you are not the type of person who frequents libraries, then you do need expert guidance. So here goes.

Step no 1- Cultivate a reading interest

You visit the library to read books and if you want to connect with an intellectual beautiful woman, you better have atleast a single area of interest you can talk about. You may be visiting the library for homework, for study or for additional research studies but make sure that you do know atleast a little about a single topic. You can always use your ignorance as an excuse to learn more by asking help from a women you like but list down a few topics that interest you and on which you can talk about without sounding too much of a idiot.

Step no 2- Frequent the local libraries

Most local libraries have a time that you can attend for free and browse the stacks. Take the time to frequent all of the local libraries to find out what kind of woman visits the library and during what times. Of course, the exact timing of each library will be different and some do charge an attendance fee but this is worth it. Note down the types of women who frequent the library and what they are reading and how frequently they visit the library. Usually, women do enroll at two or three different libraries to help them get the books they are searching for.

Step no 3- Identify a target and approach her

Once you have found a woman that you like, make sure that you get in touch with her by approaching her. Try the direct approach of help in finding a book or trying to pick up the same book she is reading or asking when she will return the book as you need it. Ask her to suggest similar authors and books and show your interest in her at all times. Try to limit your eyes to her face and pay attention to what she is saying. This will help you gauge her interests and will help you talk to her in the future.

Step no 4- Limit the first conversation to the bare basics

A library is a place where most people come to read and people might frown if you chat for too long. Limit your conversation to the bare basics and ask for her number right away. If possible, try to arrange a date right then and there like a coffee or a poetry reading at a local library or just a simple book discussion or a homework assignment. Ensure that this date too is simple and you spend less than twenty dollars. You want the woman to be interested in you because you share similar interests.

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