Guys Let Go – Women Hold On: A Guide To Dating & Relationships

Fellas, how many times have you met a women who you thought was just too clingy? You talk to her on the phone here and there. When you get some free time, you call her up and invite her to dinner and a movie. Sometimes you plan a nice evening on the town in hopes of a little more than a goodnight hug and kiss afterward. And sometimes she is down for whatever. After that one ‘special’ night, her words not yours, you can’t get rid of her.

She calls all of the time, leaving countless texts and voicemails. Demands every waking hour with you, after she gets off of work of course. She nags and whines about you not spending enough time with her. So you slowly take the time to pull a disappearing act, not returning her phone calls, responding with one word texts. Until one day, you just stop responding altogether. And that was only after a month. So you drop her, and it’s on to the next one.

Ladies, how many times have you met a guy who calls you the first week or two, checking on you at work to see how your day was going? When you answer his calls he greets you with a cute nickname that you only want to hear him say. The more time you spend with him, you begin to get those butterflies in your stomach, telling your best girlfriends about the great conversation you have. She begins commenting on wedding bells and happily ever after.

The two of you giggle like little schoolgirls in hopes that you can now double date. But, he stops calling. His responses are short-lived. He finds ways to show up late, not show up at all or conveniently miscommunication plans. So you give him another chance to make it up to you. But like a worn out tire, you allow him to make this cyclical scenario your reality over and over again.

People! Why do we do this to ourselves?

Guys Let Go Men give up too easily, not stopping to think about why the woman is drawn closer to you. The more time you spend with her and make her feel like she is the only woman you want, she begins to see the little things about you that others may take for granted. You rub your hand across her chin and tell her she’s beautiful. After talking to her for 45 minutes, you call her fifteen minutes later, just because. You get mad because you have not heard from her all day, knowing full well she’s been in and out of meetings. But, the minute you realize she is enjoying your company and the way you treat her, you tense up and change the game. You introduce her to your alter ego, Silent Sam a deaf mute from the outskirts of Commitment Is For Suckas.

Women aren’t a challenge anymore. Women are aggressive relationship seekers, so desperate to be with any man. This fight against another round of Lonely-Table For One causes them to diminish their values and morals to everyday challenges of “If I don’t give it up, he won’t call me tomorrow.” Women allow men to cheat, abuse them physically, emotionally and mentally for the simple fact of knowing they have a man to wake up to the next morning. They refuse to let their girls outdo them with the best relationship, so they paint a picture of loveliness with images of the chivalrous male who is the greatest thing since Moscato. All the while she keeps the truth bottled up, and he plays another round of Monopoly rolling the die for a chance at the next fool in the Community Chest.

Women Hold On Women subject themselves to relentless torture to their self-esteem, their confidence, and their image. Ladies enjoy the company of the opposite sex. It feels good knowing there is that one guy who enjoys your company, your conversation, simply you. You find yourself taking more time to add a few more curls to your hair, roll the lip gloss across your lips just one more time, and spray on your favorite perfume that you usually pull out for the far and few special occasions, but for him everyday is a special occasion.

When the phone rings and you see his name and number, your heart beats fast, your eyes light up, and you smile from ear to ear. But, the minute this ‘knight-in-shining-armor’ routine stops you become ‘Angry Anita’ always questioning his lack of care and concern for you. His behavior causes you to question your beauty and sex appeal. What did I do? Is it me? Maybe I’m supposed to be single. You introduce every man you come into contact with to your alter ego, Devil in a multi-colored dress carrying an ice pick.

Here are tips for dating:

· Slow down. Take your time getting to know someone. Don’t be so quick to put labels on this new found friend of yours.

· Change the game. Women are used to planning. This next date, be spontaneous. Live a little. Just go with the flow and see what the day brings. You may learn something new about yourself.

· What’s next? Wait for the goodnight kiss and the morning after. Patience is a virtue. Start a new strategy of maintaining a relationship. Just enjoy each other’s company. Hug him goodbye. Kiss her on the hand. Then go your separate ways.

· Silence is golden. Listen more. We end up talking so much in conversations. You begin the conversation hearing what the other is saying. Then you get that urge to change the subject to “ALL ABOUT ME.” You play tag with your words and jump at the chance to take over.

· Live, Laugh, Love. Don’t be in such a rush for tomorrow. Enjoy today. Smile at every chance you have to enjoy each other’s company. Whisper sweet nothings in his hear. Tell her how pretty it is. Sometimes the cliffhanger is the best part of the movie because you know there’s another show to come. That’s how relationships should be. Leave something to the imagination. Don’t give it all away on the first date. Learn each other before you love each other.