12 Things That Girls Will Never Say

ATTENTION All males who read the hubs of HubPage writers: (I promise you that you will “love” this story. If you don’t, I cannot help you. Sincerely, Kenneth) Simply said. This hub is about girls. Pretty girls. Girls that you guys dream about. But never able to date. Girls that when searched in Webster’s Dictionary, their pictures always Read more about 12 Things That Girls Will Never Say[…]

Avoiding Cheaters on Craigslist personals

When is a posting on Craigslist cheating? Many of us have been to Craigslist at some point or another, for any reason.  Whether it be to buy an item, sell an item, search for a job, or search for a mate.  At any rate, Craigslist is widespread.  Recently, I have browsed the personals ads, and Read more about Avoiding Cheaters on Craigslist personals[…]

Is open relationship an act of sexual infidelity?

Is open relationship a sexual infidelity? What is an open relationship? Friends, I searched and researched the definition of open relationship in many dictionaries around the online world and when I compared and compiled them together, I found this definition, “an open relationship is a relationship between 2 people in which both people are free to engage Read more about Is open relationship an act of sexual infidelity?[…]

10 Tricks Men Use When Cheating

Tricks Men Use Tricks Men Use: 1. Changing other women’s telephone numbers into mathematical problems. ex. Katie 555-555-555 is turned to 555+555=555 (KT) co. 2. Change women’s name in cell phone to men names. ex. Nicole is Nicolus F. (F for female) 3. Give women an alias, so when they call and you happen to Read more about 10 Tricks Men Use When Cheating[…]

Men and Intimacy: 5 Myths About Men

Most people would agree with the statement that balancing and maintain a marriage is the hardest task that they have ever had to face. You have to be responsible, adult and mature to handle a marriage properly and since most people cannot achieve all the mentioned qualities, they have to accept failure and end up Read more about Men and Intimacy: 5 Myths About Men[…]