November 26, 2019

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I [26F] was in a relationship for two years that ended in June. Since then, I have been working, working on myself and dating again. About two weeks ago, I met someone [27M] that I really like and with whom I have deeply connected. We have been practically inseparable since our first date. We have had amazing dates, we cook together, we work together, we usually just click. I have stayed at home 6 of the last 9 nights, he bought me a toothbrush, he bought all these things that I like so that I feel comfortable sleeping there.

We have had sessions of kisses lasting an hour, and we have fooled enough that we both have some satisfaction and have a really amazing sexual chemistry. One of the first nights I stayed, I told him that I didn’t want to rush to have sex, to which he completely agreed. We have come to have sex several times since that convo, and he stopped saying he wants to take his time / enjoy enjoying things slowly even though he is driving him a little crazy. I feel like a horny teenager who kisses for hours. I think this is heading towards the territory of relationships, and I don’t want to rush it or fuck it, but I’m not used to guys who are as well and willing to warm up in the room as we are without doing the job. writing.

Local Sex Site – 100% Free Online Dating and Free Personals!

Local Sex Site - 100% Free Online Dating and Free Personals!

I am surprised that people in this thread are so opposed to sex on the first date. Having sex on a first date does not make someone of poor quality, and does not mean that none of the people were looking for a connection. All that means is that the two people felt great chemistry and mutual trust and decided to enjoy in the room. There is nothing wrong with that.

  1. Think of a compliment. Here are a few ideas:
    • Tell him/her that she is looking really spectacular, pretty, beautiful, stunning, or gorgeous. (Some of those you wouldn’t really call a male)
    • Compliment his/her hair, smile, outfit, eyes, or something else specific.
    • Try to think of something unique that doesn’t get used very often, such as how she laughs, or how smart she is.
  2. Tell him/her the compliment.
  3. Make sure that your compliment is sincere. There is nothing worse than getting a compliment that feels obligatory. Never tell compliments “just to say it”. People will be able to read right through your lie, and can get offended. People tend to get offended easily at dates, especially first dates, when people can be nervous.
  4. Read the response. If they say “Thanks,” and look pleased, they probably liked it. If they don’t say anything, or say “Whatever,” they probably couldn’t care less, or are shy and insecure so don’t believe you.
  5. Either way, move on. A date isn’t just one compliment. Continue with a conversation, or some activity that you can do together. A bad thing to happen on a date is for one of you to become bored. If they get too bored, then anothere date may be asking too much.

My current SO [31F] and I [29M] wait 5 months to do the writing, and we are very happy with that decision. The relationship had really grown and flourished until that moment and by the time we got there, we were very much in love. Each person is different and in different timelines.

Decide whether you are still committed to your girlfriend or want to break up with her. In other words, make up your mind about your relationship. This step is truly important. Our hesitation is the source of most of our suffering. Once we have made up our mind, we are ready to move forward.
If you have decided to break up with her, then tell her about that and treat her as a stranger. It is much easier to forgive strangers after sex dating tonight, because we know that they will not be in our lives for long.
If you have decided to stay together, forgive her faults as you would forgive your own faults. We easily forgive ourselves because we know we have to live with ourselves for the rest of our lives. So, if you know that she will be in your life for a long time, it does not make sense to make your lives miserable by not forgiving her. Your forgiveness will heal and improve lives for both of you. So, why not do it if only for that reason?
Be prepared for the forgiveness process to take quite a bit of time effort; so, be prepared. It is an effort that will not go to waste, though: you will overcome one more of life’s hurdles and will be ready for its other challenges.

My best advice: communication. Tell him how you feel and that you are ready and ask him why he is stopping things. In my experience, all these anxieties or random stressors in a relationship can be resolved with communication. If you are not willing to communicate or get angry / get defensive, you probably don’t want to start a monogamous relationship with that person anyway.

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It is hard for me (20-year-old woman) to judge when sex should come into play when I go out with OKC boys. I was in a long relationship for a while and then I went out with people I met IRL through friends, so this was never really a problem. Now I find more options and dating more than one guy at a time. Most never go beyond date 1, so sex is not a problem. But I feel that the people I date again expect sex before date 2 (date 3 at the latest), and I’m a prude if I don’t bother.

Don’t get me wrong, I love sex and I think sexual compatibility is important for a successful relationship. But I also don’t feel comfortable sleeping with more than one boy at a time or sleeping with a boy who also sleeps with other girls at the same time for security reasons. Although I insist on using a condom or not having sex, I have heard too many stories from male friends about how condoms skip with random girls they don’t know since they are caught at the moment. So, I have no way of knowing if the boy would be doing that with the other girl he is sleeping with.

How do others handle dating with sex? You say you don’t have sex if they are sleeping with others or if you don’t care? I am torn because I feel that at my age (and with most of the boys of my age that I am dating) if I do not have sex before the 2-3 date, then they continue, but there is no way for exclusivity to enter I play so early.

In two past relationships, I haven’t expected sex at all, and it hasn’t been a problem. With my most recent ex, we waited about a month (I would have done it before but I had surgery) I don’t have a strict “rule” about how long to wait, usually until you feel well. My question is, how long do you normally wait? Do you have a conversation about exclusivity?