The ultimate guide[2020] to the sex with another woman First Time

It is hard to calm down before having sex for the first time with another woman. You don’t know how it will feel to have love with someone with breasts and vagina, and you don’t know how to make everything flow naturally. Many bisexual and lesbian women found that having sex with women is much easier than men.

The ultimate guide[2020] to the sex with another woman First Time

Still, you want to be ready for exploration before embarking on the trip. You don’t want to find yourself clumsily holding your partner’s tits without having no idea what to do. So, here are the best tips for a woman to have sex with another woman for the first time.

Tips for lesbian sex for the first time

You only have one chance to have lesbian sex for the first time. Naturally, you want to do it right. In my experience, several factors can be decisive: everything else is optional. So, let’s get to the point.

Start with communication
For any good sex, heterosexual and homosexual, communication is the only way to ensure that both couples are safe and comfortable during the process. If you are having sex for the first time with another woman, talking about things is especially important. Do not be afraid to ask where you are going to put your fingers and how exactly you will move them, how far penetration will go, what are the rules about breast play.

Masturbating to get experience
Lesbian has an immense advantage: you have excellent training ground with you. Masturbation is the best way to explore sexual techniques and understand how your body responds to various types of stimulation. I encourage you to experience different types of techniques: clitoral stimulation, G-spot orgasms, squirting, and anal penetration.

Naturally, your partner’s body will feel different from yours, mainly because each woman’s anatomy is different and because she does not receive comments about her action. Still, knowing what happens on your skin is a good way to start. Also, you can tell him which techniques are the most useful for you.

Practice the nipple game
Even if you are a nipple masturbation professional, you can get confused with an unknown couple. At first, you’ll be confused about how it feels to hold boos, and that’s just being with them. You may also feel insecure about your interactions: many women worry about hurting their partners.

My advice here is to avoid painful experiences and sudden stimulation. If you decided to go there, at least, practice the techniques with yourself at the beginning. Also, remember communication tips.

Improves clitoral stimulation
The most common way for lesbian couples to reach orgasm is by clitoral stimulation. Insert your fingers into your vagina and begin to massage your clitoris or deeper sections of the vulva. You can even use your fingers for G-spot stimulation, although it is easier for women with longer fingers.

If your fingers are not too long, experiment with sex toys. For clitoral stimulation, you will be fine with your hands, but if you are aiming at point G, a practice that combines the sleight of hand with sex toys. Again, try new things on your body before trying something fun with your partner.

Discuss the optimal penetration
Deeper is not always better. For the best lesbian sex for the first time, it is better to discuss how deep you want to go before entering. Some women prefer G-spot vibrators for deep penetration instead of fingers, while others find sex toys too hard.

Either way, if you choose to drill down, don’t forget to lubricate. Also, take good care of your fingers: use creams and lotions to soften the skin and trim the nails.

Use accessories
Lesbian sex also requires protection. Otherwise, you run the risk of transmitting HPV, bacterial infections, hepatitis, and other diseases. To protect yourself, use dental dams, small accessories that are attached to the vagina. For fingering, wear latex gloves.

Go oral
If you feel safer during your first sexual intercourse, you can lick her clitoris and her lips. It is a subtle stimulation that excites the female erogenous zones in seconds. Oral sex is one of the shortest ways to excite her, and it doesn’t require much practice. However, remember not to loosen the protection.

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The best positions for lesbian sex for the first time

If you have experience in having sex, but not in the lesbian, you can easily achieve the most common lesbian positions. If it is the first time you have sex with another woman, it is better not to experiment with anything immediately. For those who have already been in the game, I made a list of the most impressive positions for lesbian sex for the first time.

The Lean In
Your partner should lie on his back while you sit on your knees, facing your vagina. Kneel and penetrate your vagina, or start with soft fingers of the clitoris. The angle is suitable for deep penetration because your vagina will be in front of you directly. Use this also for oral sex: you will be in a perfect position to lick your lips.

The laconic lounger
This is a simple and soft position, perfect for beginners. The couple lies on the bed face up. You kneel between your knees and use a hand to stimulate the clitoris. Make round movements with your fingers, while the other will massage your breasts. They will face each other, so it is also perfect for passionate kisses.

Olympic gymnast
This position is not easy to achieve: it requires strong central and leg muscles, but if it does, it is rewarding. Lie on your back and lift your legs as if you were exercising your lower abs. The couple puts their face between their legs and stimulates the clitoris with their fingers or lips. The angle is perfect for stimulation of the G-spot and oral sex.

Crooked scissors
Both partners should extend their legs and hug the partner with one of them. The legs are intertwined forming twisted scissors. This position requires a lot of space, so you can do it on the floor, using cushions and blankets as support. Your clitoris will rub each other, providing perfect stimulation.

Doggy style
Doggy style is a classic position for a reason. The only difference is that lesbian couples use their fingers or sex toys to penetrate. The basics are the same: a partner gets on his knees and hands while another kneels, facing the back of the partner. It is a difficult position, so do not loosen the lubrication.

Foot shower sex
This position does not require much space and is perfect for showers and small rooms. Your partner goes behind and hugs you from behind. Your butt is in front of your vagina, leaving your hands free to touch the clitoris and play with the tits.

What lesbians say about their early days
What is the best source of learning materials if they are not real-life reviews? I went through YouTube, forums, and Reddit to get advice from other lesbians.

Don’t use your teeth
If you want to stimulate it with your mouth, just lick and suck. Any grinding or bonding may end in the injury, and she will not enjoy this. Also, if you don’t have lubricants, use your well as a natural lubricant.

The previous game is your friend
Do not rush sex, especially if you have difficult positions in mind. My best experience was after at least 20 minutes of hugging sessions. If you also add a dirty talk to the mix, you will enjoy the process much more. Also, do not limit yourself only to your vagina. Pay attention to your hips, neck, earlobes, back, and belly.

Maintain eye contact
When entering your vagina or anus, be sure to look at the couple all the time. Start orally. You can lick your lips and clitoris to get used to the sensation. If you want to do something fun, ask him beforehand. In general, always ask. Don’t worry, it won’t kill spontaneity, it’s certainly not as serious as an injury would.

Experiment with the speed
When you’re inside, don’t get stuck in a tempo. Whether you use your fingers, sex toys or your tongue, change them from time to time. Vary the intensity from very slow to fast. If you are balancing it on different sides of the spectrum, you will surely enjoy your spontaneity. Just make sure you don’t overdo it.

Get positive energy by running
My first time was terrible. I’m not sure if she felt the same, but let’s say I didn’t feel anything from the stress. However, I got a precious lesson from that. The second time, I was equally inexperienced, but I decided to follow him, tried to make jokes and experimented with the sexual conversation (although some of that was shocking). Still, she loved it, and we both had a wild trip. The change in energy made everything much better. Even now, when I’m not sure, I try the same sex with another woman for the first time, it makes couples much more careful.

Start in one
Don’t make the mistake of thinking that exploring a female body will be easier in a threesome. The third person will distract you, and it doesn’t matter if he is male or female. Communication options are limited and you will not feel so comfortable. I know that many girls are tempted to invite girls to their heterosexual relationships, but, honestly, that is not the best way to get started in lesbian sex.

What to do if I have no experience in lesbian sex?
Start with masturbation. Exploring with different clitoral stimulation techniques, G-spot orgasms and experimenting with sex toys is the easiest way to get acquainted with what makes women run. You won’t be able to try orally, but that’s the easiest part of lesbian sex. Also, I wouldn’t see lesbian porn, it’s not realistic.

How to start having sex with women at
You can start by registering in the dating application that is friendly to the LGBT community. My favorites are Pure, OkCupid and Her. You do not have to rush into a serious relationship; For some, it is easier to start with casual connections when you have no responsibilities. But, since it is your first time, I recommend that you not get drunk: you must have a clear mind and remember what is happening for future experiences.

What are the possible challenges of having sex with a woman for the first time?
It can be confused with clitoral stimulation and breast play. At first, many women do not feel comfortable with their hands. In addition, you should focus on lubrication, hand hygiene and buy special accessories such as dental cams for protection.

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